Tracks To Heaven

About Us

We are pet parents ourselves here at Tracks to Heaven.  We have also experienced our own loss of special family companions, we discovered an honorable gift, if you will, of respectfully saying goodbye to our dearly missed pets.  Through pet cremation, you can offer your lost dog, cat, exotic pet, or other small or large animal one last parting farewell that truly speaks to the soul;  “Although you are gone, my friend, you will never be absent from my heart.”

You may even find a glimmer of hope and healing in that beautiful urn displayed on your mantle or in your cherished pet’s private memorial spot that you decorate with flowers and visit from time to time.  Such mementos and other memorial keepsakes honor your pet’s life forever and serve as comforting reminders that your companion’s bright spirit will always shine in your heart.

​Tracks to Heaven offers pet owners a sense of comfort and peace of mind, ensuring your pet’s aftercare will be handled in a way that is respectful, dignified and compassionate. At every step along the way, we promise to care for your pet as if they were our own.

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