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We are pet parents ourselves here at Tracks to Heaven.  We have also experienced our own loss of special family companions.  We discovered an honorable gift, if you will, of respectfully saying goodbye to our dearly missed pets.  Through pet cremation, you can offer your lost dog, cat, exotic pet, or other small or large animal one last parting farewell that truly speaks to the soul;  “Although you are gone, my friend,  you will never be absent from my heart.”

You may even find a glimmer of hope and healing in that beautiful urn displayed on your mantle or in your cherished pet’s private memorial spot that you decorate with flowers and visit from time to time.  Such mementos and other memorial keepsakes honor your pet’s life forever and serve as comforting reminders that your companion’s bright spirit will always shine in your heart.  

Cremation Services

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you

Here at Tracks to Heaven that is exactly what we do.  As a pet owner, you have the special responsibility of making aftercare choices on your pet’s behalf.  Working together with your veterinary clinic, we will gently guide you through the process of making cremation arrangements that are fitting for you and your pet.

Providing only the best and finest pet memorial services in all of Klamath Falls, we offer a variety of cremation options for your family pet.  As caring pet owners ourselves, we can assure you that your special family member will be handled in the most gentle and dignified manner possible.


Private Cremation

Private cremation provides you with the opportunity to keep your pet’s cremated remains as a permanent and personal keepsake.  When you choose private cremation, your treasured pet will be the only pet in the cremation chamber during…


Communal Cremation

Keeping the memory of your pet close to your heart, a communal cremation offers both peace of mind and solace.  With communal cremation, your pet is gently placed into the crematory together with other pets…


Viewing and Visitation

Sometimes being close to your pet as you say your goodbye is an important part of the grieving process.  For pet owners who prefer to say goodbye to their cherished pet in a private setting with family and close friends,  Tracks to Heaven…

Cremation Packages

Package prices vary depending on weight of your pet.
Please contact us at 541-891-5253 for more information and prices.

Package A

​Choose one of the following: cherry wood, dark cherry mdf, cedar cat or paw, or a scattering tube.

Package B​

Personalized engraving $70

Package C

Personalized engraving 2 corners $30

Package D

Personalized engraving $70

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