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Ruby Everett

A Tribute to my Ruby
My thoughts are with everyone that has experienced the profound sadness that comes with the loss of a pet family member.
In July of 2002, my life changed with the adoption of a little 6 week old clown and mutt that I named Ruby. Through the years I have been asked thousands of times “what is she” by people laughing at her appearance. My Pug/West Highland Terrier has been a constant companion and much support for me through the better and worst of times.
When urinary incontinence occurred, I falsely blamed Ellie, my 14 year old Labrador Retriever. However, Ruby’s blood work, X-rays and ultrasound told the truth. An exploratory surgery revealed cancer of her intestines, liver and spleen that was too invasive to be operable and too advanced to consider chemo therapy.
Ruby’s antics through the years always kept me laughing. She believed that anything made of cardboard should be destroyed immediately, that the bed, couch and toys were hers to hog and that if anyone was sitting down, you should allow her to sit on your lap backwards while giving her a back massage. However, every car ride allowed her to play one of her favorite games---Surfing the Curves. For those of you that can’t envision this, try picturing an 18 pound mutt with her two front feet on the consul between the front seats and her rear two feet stretched to the back seats while in a standing position. She would look ahead on the road, wag her curly tail and position herself for an upcoming curve. With my added comment of “hang on”, she would anticipate the direction of the curve and prop 1 front foot sideways on the appropriate front seat to be able to support herself and really lean through the curves. Once the curve was complete, she would wag her tail more excitedly and then look at me with the expression of self satisfaction. “Mom, that was fun, let’s do it again” seemed to be what she was telling me. S curves were her favorite.
I have always been curious about drivers following me during these times as I would over exaggerate a curve to add to Ruby’s love of the car surfing game. Hopefully no one recognized me or labeled me as an old lady driver.
Ruby has been a greeter in the reception room of Everett Veterinary Hospital & Boarding House for the last 12 years, my walking companion, bed partner, door bell, floor cleaner, gardening buddy, fly catcher and confidant. She was well loved by so many and I know I was blessed to have shared the last 12 years with her.
Whether 2 or 4 legged, it is always painful to lose a loved one. Preparing oneself for the pending death of an old pet is difficult but you can’t prepare yourself for the unexpected situations. I have been on the Doctor side of this sad situation far too many times but this experience has served to humble me.
Thank you to everyone that has been part of my Ruby’s life.
Sheree Everett DVM